Welcome to Circus Xtravaganza
We present the latest event of the CSD framework program:
The Drag/Ballroom spectacle Circus Xtravaganza on July 29th at the Desi Nürnberg
Our circus doors will open at 7 pm, and our diverse evening program of drag performances and ballroom runways, hosted in English by experienced drag artist Yvonne Parker, will begin at 8 pm. At least 7 talented drag artists and performers will be featured, including Miss Cee, Spectra Black, Johnny Long Schlong, Max Malve, Roxy Rued, Otakar Skala, and Kamila Spiller.
You can sign up for many different ballroom categories and show off your skills on the runway! Three judges will evaluate the performances and choose a winner. The runways pay tribute to the ballroom subculture, where people affected by homophobia, transphobia, and racism celebrated their identity and creativity in New York in the 70s/80s.
Our event stands for international queer solidarity, which is why our proceeds, like our entry price of 16-20€, will support queer refugees in emergency situations, such as cases of homophobic and transphobic violence in AnkER centers or deportation decisions. All revenue and donations will go to the refugee work of Fliederlich e.V. and the queer part of the Rosa Asyl 2.0 project by IMEDANA e.V. Refugees who want to attend the event will receive a discount of a 10€ entry price, if they show any verification at the entrance!
During our show, many other attractions will also take place on a donation basis: stop by for a Tattoo Walk-in with artists like Viktoria from Namenlos Tattoo and Emma from Trashbaby Tattoos, grab some merchandise from the Lila Miezen, and enjoy a solidarity drink at the Desi Bar. After the evening program, the celebrations will continue with an aftershow party until 4 am. We also have a chill-out room for you if you need a break.
The theme of the evening is Circus Xtravaganza - dare to step out of your comfort zone and show us your creative outfits! We love the freak show/circus look, but you can wear whatever you want. We only want one thing: for you to have fun and feel comfortable!
If you want to participate in a ballroom category, choose one of our categories from the list and sign up by writing us an email that includes your name, your pronouns and your category to Circus.Xtravaganza@web.de.  If you want to stay up to date, check out our Instagram page (@Circus.Xtravaganza)!
We look forward to your visit and thank our partners at Desi Nürnberg and the CSD framework program for their support. Be part of it and support a great cause - Circus Xtravaganza will be unforgettable!
Poster Circus Xtravaganza
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Yvonne Parker
Spectra Black
Miss Cee
Max Malve
Johnny Long Schlong
Otakar Skala
Roxy Rued
Kamila Spiller
Tattoo Artists
Viktoria Aka Namenlos Tattoo
Emma Aka Trashbaby Tattoos
Emma Aka Trashbaby Tattoos
DJ Platzhalter
DJ Platzhalter
DJ Platzhalter
DJ Platzhalter
Would you like to support "Circus Xtravaganza" and be a part of our unique project? You have three ways to help us:
  • You can donate directly to our cause, either by bank transfer to Fliederlich e.V. with the reference "Emergency aid for refugees" (IBAN DE91 7601 0085 0039 1918 54) or through our fundraising campaign on Betterplace.org (once it is published).
  • You can financially support parts of our event by covering uncovered costs. In return, you or your company/institution will be featured on our Instagram and displayed on the honor board on the event night.
  •  If you want to get involved personally, you can participate as a performer, ballroom participant, or in the organization or decoration team.
If you are interested in option 2 or 3 or have any questions/requests, just contact us at Circus.Xtravaganza@web.de. We are grateful for any support!
Come one, come all!


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